New Beginning

I want to make the shift from Contracting to a product business. I want to do this to have a scalable income that I can maintain remotely. I intent on achieving this by creating a portfolio of digital products, primarily SaaS but if I spot the opportunity to build an information product I will.

I aim to build a profitable business that can reach $100,000 in revenue year 1 – 2020.

This is going to be difficult and, a lot of work. I hope to minimise wasted time and seize on the best opportunity possible by following my framework.

So why this site – I aim to test all of the theory I have built up over the last 13 years to see how well I understand what I have learned. The best way to do this, is documenting the ideas, putting them to the test, then refining them. Hopefully doing so publicly will allow others to benefit from the ideas and refine them too.

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