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NS: Not Started, this means it’s not been written yet

BD: Brain-dumping, just been collecting relevant thoughts there

FD: First Draft. Something is there but it needs to be reviewed and edited

LC: Linked Content, this means it might have a post or two linked to the page. Typically these elaborate on the idea or show how I have done it recently



How to build a profitable bootstrapped business

  1. Lay firm foundations by getting your mind right
    1. Shift your mindset towards bootstrapping
    2. Set clear goals (BD)
    3. Establish your project criteria (FD)
  2. Do your research
    1. Select a viable market (FD)
    2. Start building your Ecosystem Map (NS)
    3. Identify demand in your market (NS)
    4. Create & develop your personas (NS)
    5. Prioritise and validate your ideas against your Validation Checklist (NS)
    6. Create & validate your ideas with offers
  3. Validate your MVP
    1. Get market validation for your ideas (NS)
    2. Setup your Product Management as a solo-founder framework (NS)
    3. Wire-framing & designing your product (NS)
    4. Register brand assets (NS)
    5. Build a minimal website (NS)
    6. Building your MVP (NS)
    7. Setup analytics & a basic dashboard (NS)
    8. Launch your Beta & get feedback (NS)
    9. Review feedback & data post launch (NS)
  4. Start building out marketing funnels
    1. Develop your positioning & messaging (NS)
    2. Establish your KPIs (NS)
    3. Select some marketing channels to test (NS)
    4. Prioritising & scaling marketing channels (BD)
  5. Retention & Product Development
    1. Review engagement (NS)
    2. Register the business (NS)
    3. Develop your product roadmap (prioritising Bugs & Features) (NS)
    4. Develop your personas & messaging (NS)
    5. Build feedback loops (NS)
  6. Scaling; Testing & Automation
    1. Ensure that you’re flipping & effectively managing your bankroll (NS)
    2. Make retention your priority (NS)
    3. Develop positioning & branding (NS)
    4. Stack acquisition channels (NS)
    5. Shift your focus to consistency & automation (NS)
  7. Regular reviews or sell the business

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