What’s my goal?

My personal goal is to build a portfolio of profitable digital businesses. Ideally, SaaS but I will also entertain Information Products where I spot opportunities I am confident I can fully automate the process.

With regards to this site specifically, I want to document all of the things I have learned so far and will be learning while on the journey.

I am not saying this is the only way to be successful. What I am doing here is trying to make sense of all of the things I have learned to allow me to repeat what has worked and learn from what hasn’t worked. For context on my journey, you should probably read this.

About this site

You should know that this site is very much a work in progress. It’s pretty much a brain-dump at this point in time…

My aim with this site is to build a repository for all the things I have learned over the last 10 years of building online businesses and digital marketing. I intend on building a framework for anyone who wants to build a bootstrapped online business to follow regardless of their experience or background. While my experience covers e-commerce, information products, software and service businesses, I will primarily cover Software and Information products here. So if you’re interested in building either of these types of businesses, this site is for you.¬†

The content on this site won’t be limited to a high-level framework. I want to be in-depth and actionable. It will include step-by-step guides and, examples of where I am putting the concepts to work.

First, this needs me to work out something of a high-level structure that is easy to follow. Once I have got something of a structure in place, the next challenge is to work out what’s worth documenting and how to document it. You’ve come at the point where I’m just about happy with the structure of what I want to cover (as outlined on the home page), and now I am trying to work out what should be documented within it.

This means both the framework and content aren’t currently set in stone. You should expect them to evolve over time. Hopefully, I’ll eventually find a format that I can commit to.

I should point out that content wise, my aim is not to be original or first with anything. I simply want to build a searchable library of what I have found to be the best (for lack of a better way of putting it). As a result, the ideas you’ll find below are a mixture of well established ideas from the Startup, Bootrapper, e-commerce and Digital Marketing communities, mixed with some ideas I have come up with along the way. Obviously there are thousands of ways to build successful businesses and you should expect to make mistakes or come across roadblocks no matter how good the framework or guide is.

Having said that, I am confident that much of what you’ll find on this site will save you hours or months, if not years of time if you follow it. Im confident in that statement, because I have tested them myself. Where I haven’t yet had the chance to test an idea, has come from a source that I believe to be well established.

So, where are we now?

I expect to have something more digestible for public consumption by the end of March 2020. As I mentioned earlier, this site is currently a brain-dump that I’m trying to tidy up as I go along. This means¬†none of the posts are really ready for public consumption. But, you’ll be able to get a rough idea of where I am going with the structure of the site and, what will be covered. In some cases I have begun to add content in the form of videos, templates and write-ups but, be under no illusion, these are very rough drafts and will need to be tidied up in time. Once ready, I imagine each piece of content will be in-depth and lengthy explanations. If you are looking for quick and brief content, this will not be the place for you.

If you have any questions or comments before then, feel free to contact me.