My Ideal Average Day

In line with the Ideal Average Day exercise, here’s mine…

I wake up at 6am to my beautiful girlfriend feeling well rested. We’d start the day by having sex or working out, followed by a breakfast.

Our breakfast would consist of fresh fruit or scrambled eggs & toast. With ice cold water and juices. We’ll eat by a large window over looking the city, while smiling and talking about what we want to do with the day.

While my girlfriend is in the large shower, I typically check on my ventures by reviewing dashboards. My dashboards give me a birds-eye view of my projects’ metrics. I typically focus on the acquisition, retention, and cashflow. This gives me some indication of where I need to focus and what my next moves are.

At this point, Journal then, dive into messages from; family, friends, clients and, the guys that I work with. I’ll be getting updates on business projects, sales recently closed, Investment opportunities, marketing opportunities, adventures and events that we’re all excited about. I will also be confirming sales and checking in on happy customers. I normally round up by pinging a few things to our assistant like booking flights, and booking some time with my mentee.

When my girlfriend is done in the shower and getting dressed, I normally jump in the shower while she checks on her business.

Once I’m out of the shower, we’ll chat about the dogs, flying out to London / NY, parties and dinners, while I am getting dressed and we’re making our way down 20 plus floors. While selecting between our vintage cars and the S Class, we are greeted by friends and staff before we leave the building.

Once in the car, we head to one of the popular shopping districts to pick up some things for our friends and ourselves. We’d both have our laptops / iPads on us, so after shopping and a light lunch at one of the best restaurants in the city. We often have lunch with business partners and clients too. After which, we’d separate to go and get some stuff done from our work spaces.

I mostly work in a beautiful shared office in Manhattan or Canary Wharf. They are great places to getting work done, bouncing ideas off the guys and, meeting clients. I enjoy my work; closing deals; adding value by rolling out new features; optimising marketing strategies and, building my portfolio. I get paid well because I add massive value to the other businesses.

Wrapping up the work day, I typically respond to messages on the way home. These will be confirmations from our assistant; tattoos, flights, sales closed, funny things from the family / friends and anyone I want to see before I fly out.

Once back, I freshen up then change into a casual suit while my misses gets ready and we head out to dinner with friends. The dinner is held at a friends house or one of the best restaurants in town. The evening is filled with laughter and ends with a starlit walk home on a warm summer’s evening. If it’s cold out, I’ll book an UberLux.

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