Just over a year ago, I found myself at a crossroads.

After years of building my career, becoming the head of customer success for EMEA at a VC-backed startup, and earning a salary that many would dream of, I faced redundancy. Yes, the security and comfort of my $100,000 job vanished overnight. But what seemed like an end was just the beginning.

For years, my goal was to start my own online business. A dream I put on hold for the security of a 9-5. But with the unexpected turn of events, I decided it was now or never. I wasn’t just going to find another job; I was going to create a life that aligned with my deepest aspirations.

Last year, I made a choice that would set the tone for my new life: I didn’t renew my lease. I packed my life into a suitcase and embarked on a journey that has taken me from the streets of New York to the landscapes of Cape Town, from the historic city of Prague back to my roots in London. Over 7 flights later, my life is a testament to the freedom I always craved.

My background in operations and marketing isn’t going to be a line on my resume; it’s going to be the foundation of my new venture. I’ve helped companies grow, from scaling an accounting firm in London from 5 to 50 people to aiding a DEI consultant in skyrocketing from £0 to over $100k in sales within just three months.

Drawing from my journey and the skills, I’m creating, a platform designed to empower creators to monetize their followers. Whether it’s through selling courses, ebooks, or services, is about making the path to financial freedom accessible for creators worldwide.

But I’m not stopping there. I’m on a mission to equip creators with the knowledge to thrive. From courses on monetization strategies to a course for those at a loss for what to sell, I’m laying down the blueprint for success that I wished I had when I started.

If my journey resonates with you, follow me on Instagram and leave a comment below – I’d like you to join me as I figure things out and share along the way.

My Ideal Average Day

In line with the Ideal Average Day exercise, here’s mine…

I wake up at 6am to my beautiful girlfriend feeling well rested. We’d start the day by having sex or working out, followed by a breakfast.

Our breakfast would consist of fresh fruit or scrambled eggs & toast. With ice cold water and juices. We’ll eat by a large window over looking the city, while smiling and talking about what we want to do with the day.

While my girlfriend is in the large shower, I typically check on my ventures by reviewing dashboards. My dashboards give me a birds-eye view of my projects’ metrics. I typically focus on the acquisition, retention, and cashflow. This gives me some indication of where I need to focus and what my next moves are.

At this point, Journal then, dive into messages from; family, friends, clients and, the guys that I work with. I’ll be getting updates on business projects, sales recently closed, Investment opportunities, marketing opportunities, adventures and events that we’re all excited about. I will also be confirming sales and checking in on happy customers. I normally round up by pinging a few things to our assistant like booking flights, and booking some time with my mentee.

When my girlfriend is done in the shower and getting dressed, I normally jump in the shower while she checks on her business.

Once I’m out of the shower, we’ll chat about the dogs, flying out to London / NY, parties and dinners, while I am getting dressed and we’re making our way down 20 plus floors. While selecting between our vintage cars and the S Class, we are greeted by friends and staff before we leave the building.

Once in the car, we head to one of the popular shopping districts to pick up some things for our friends and ourselves. We’d both have our laptops / iPads on us, so after shopping and a light lunch at one of the best restaurants in the city. We often have lunch with business partners and clients too. After which, we’d separate to go and get some stuff done from our work spaces.

I mostly work in a beautiful shared office in Manhattan or Canary Wharf. They are great places to getting work done, bouncing ideas off the guys and, meeting clients. I enjoy my work; closing deals; adding value by rolling out new features; optimising marketing strategies and, building my portfolio. I get paid well because I add massive value to the other businesses.

Wrapping up the work day, I typically respond to messages on the way home. These will be confirmations from our assistant; tattoos, flights, sales closed, funny things from the family / friends and anyone I want to see before I fly out.

Once back, I freshen up then change into a casual suit while my misses gets ready and we head out to dinner with friends. The dinner is held at a friends house or one of the best restaurants in town. The evening is filled with laughter and ends with a starlit walk home on a warm summer’s evening. If it’s cold out, I’ll book an UberLux.

Starting to feel out my chosen market

The opportunity for Indie Hackers is growing right now. More and more people are trying to build businesses online. More and more people are happy to try out new software. More and more people expect to use software while working and to pay for it. I truly believe one simply has to pick a market and do a decent job, not even great, or amazing, just good and they can make a living wage.

Think about it, I am not trying to start a company of 15 people. I don’t need to manage a payroll of 15+ people. Assuming that I was paying 15 people on average £2,000 a month that’s £30,000 a month. £360,000 a year. Thats before the office, desks, computers, software… I would be happy with £30,000 a year from my next project LOL …I wouldn’t stop there but it would be an amazing start or benchmark to hit.

Let’s look at some numbers – to hit £30,000 a year for something I could charge £29 for a month – I would need 86 users throughout the year. If it was an ebook, I would need to sell 1,034. Now there is obviously a cost per acquisition but, these numbers are obviously achievable.

Going back to look at where I am with my project for getting there. I currently have a few app ideas that I like and want to build:

  1. Digital Downloads Cart, which I am thinking of calling “Soobu”
  2. The AirBnB for ads platform

…there are others, but the main issue here is that these are not monthly subscription businesses. They are businesses that rely on the customer making sales so I can in turn make a percentage from the sale. While I know there is a lot of demand for these businesses, it also means it will be hard to get decent unit economics from paid traffic. I would have to rely on content and referrals. While I don’t think this would be impossible, it’s ideal. I want to have as many options as possible.

I will have a look through some of the other ideas I have…

  • SMS blaster – send out SMS rather than just email
  • Simple Dojo – this could be monthly but I haven’t figured out what to do about video hosting
  • Excel course for accountants…

None of these ideas are in the right vein. I will go look at the funnel of one of my personas to see what they are currently doing…

Looking at Cici the “Six Figure Chick”…

She has an Instagram profile, which she updates daily. This is where new followers find her, and where she keeps her community engaged until they are ready to buy from her.

She keeps people engaged with a mixture of Inspirational content and advice on building personal brands and businesses on Instagram.

While at first glance it would seem like there is nothing original here, she is one of the best people in the game as far as I can tell. Her delivery is rough around the edges, but she is VERY consistent and knows her market inside out. She’s built an amazing business and should be commended for it.

Back to her funnel – The link in her bio leads to a landing page with links in it…

The design of this page is very simple, clean and, to the point. It’s simply buttons with text on them, pretty much what I was trying to achieve with

When you click on the links they all lead to a page selling everything from free ebooks to $1,000+ consulting packages…

When you sit back and think about it, it’s classic internet marketing: “Buy my ebook on how I got rich selling ebooks” LOL, but it works.

While I have never used or even looked at SamCart in the past, it looks like a solid, feature rich platform…

Interestingly, you pay monthly for this platform…

This is good to know, while it would take me some time before I am able to compete from a features perspective, it means the market may not be against paying monthly for platforms like this. Having said that, I wouldn’t know what to do about transaction fees. I would have to pay these myself. While they could be rolled into the monthly fee, I think that would be a risky play.

It just occurred to me that it might be worth making a membership site, so form people pay to have access to your entire volt. Or maybe they pay to get access to the information, which is kinda in the site so there can always be ads to other things right by the content. You can add ads to ebooks as I have done lots of times in the past, but they will be out of date shortly if not handled well. I could potentially do a video on how I went about building ebooks.

Back to looking at the funnel…

Looking at Cici’s SamCart landing pages, it looks like you’re buying ebooks

Doing a quick search to see if many instagram accounts are linking to SamCart pages…

Only 413 results. This suggests that I am looking at this in the wrong place.

I will check twitter and then see if I can search

…again, not much with twitter…

Not much here for now, but back to looking at Cici’s funnel…

When you go to her site, interestingly the home page is the collection of links as seen above but, there are other pages…

She’s got…

  • A blog
  • Earn with Cici, leads to the page with links
  • About, is her story
  • Contact page

Very simple site, most of her efforts are on Instagram so, not sure she’d need much else. Interestingly, she (and I have seen this on many other sites) has a page where she talks about tools she uses on a regular basis…

This post allows me to see what tools she uses and what she likes about them. It also has comments from some of her followers. This means I can see what some of them are interested in and what their likes and dislikes are.

I can go through this to work out what she’s using and look for subscription based tools. Knowing that this is one of the common behaviours in this market makes it much easier to look for ideas. It also means I might be able to reach out to these creators to see if they would be interested in creating a review for sharing with their followers. This can be a really powerful way to grow, especially when linked to an affiliate or referral program.

I’ve got to take a break for now as I have to make something to eat and sort out some stuff before the day is over, but at least it’s a step in the right direction.

Goal Cards

Creating goal cards


Once you have mapped out your Ideal Average Day and, broken it down into your goals. One you might want to consider making Goal Cards.

This isn’t my idea, I got it from an old school friend, years ago and I’m grateful he share it with me. The underlying concept is pretty simple: On one side of the card you have an image and on the other you have your clearly written goal. By having your goals in this format, you can take them with you where ever you go. Each time you reach into your pocket, they will be a reminder of what you are or, should be working towards.

They don’t have to be perfect. My Goal Cards are simply printed at home (I was out of colour ink at the time). I trimmed them with scissors to fit laminating pouches from Amazon. I don’t even have a laminator, I use an iron with some cloth over the card. Works surprisingly well.

My Validation Checklist

I’ve decided to share this tool early on in this journey because it’s a crucial step in venturing out on a new project as a bootstrapper / Indie Hacker. It’s probably the most important step in building your business.

By leveraging a Validation Checklist in line with your goals, you’ll save weeks, months or maybe even years of wasted time. It also helps you prioritise between all of the ideas you might have.

In the video below, I take you through all of the questions I ask myself before kicking off a project AND I share why they are important. Watching it will help you understand:

  • Why some projects do better than others
  • What you should build next
  • Is your idea any good?
  • Will people care about your idea

Obviously, you’ll want to customise this for your own use, but copy and pasting most of the points I have and understanding the implications of them will be a game changer for you.

If you have a project already, this could help you answer questions like:

  • Why haven’t you made any sales?
  • Where can you find customers?
  • Is there a market for your product?
  • Do people care about your product?

Detailed walkthrough the checklist

Investing this time up front, could save you months of frustration and get you on track for building your ideal business, so I highly recommend that you digest my list and build your won as soon as possible.

During the video above, I mentioned one of my ‘tricks’ for finding your target market online, if you’re interested, you can watch that video here. For more content like this, make sure you subscribe via email on the right, checkout my YouTube channel and follow me on twitter.


Download My Current Validation Checklist

You can download the latest version of my checklist here – remember that you’ll need to customise it for your goals and objectives.


Download Validation Checklist

New Beginning

I want to make the shift from Contracting to a product business. I want to do this to have a scalable income that I can maintain remotely. I intent on achieving this by creating a portfolio of digital products, primarily SaaS but if I spot the opportunity to build an information product I will.

I aim to build a profitable business that can reach $100,000 in revenue year 1 – 2020.

This is going to be difficult and, a lot of work. I hope to minimise wasted time and seize on the best opportunity possible by following my framework.

So why this site – I aim to test all of the theory I have built up over the last 13 years to see how well I understand what I have learned. The best way to do this, is documenting the ideas, putting them to the test, then refining them. Hopefully doing so publicly will allow others to benefit from the ideas and refine them too.

20 Mistakes You Don’t Want To Make In Your 20s

The most important things I learnt in my 20’s.

My friend Kwabena recently sent me a tweet with an article titled “20 Mistakes You Don’t Want To Make In Your 20s”, and suggested it would be inline with how I think.

As is often the case with Kwabena, he was right. I agree with most of the comments that my morals are inline with.

I read the post in the morning on the way to work and it has been on my mind since. While I agree with most of the comments I think the post left out some important things I have learnt.
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