I’m Peter Grillet, probably best described as a commercially aware, Full Stack Developer with a Marketing and, Operations background.

My Background

I’ve grown up in and around startups supporting in all kinds of ways…


I’ve helped to build money transfer platforms, Location Based Services, Learning Management Systems and, blogs. Worked with Rails, HTML, CSS…

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I was the head of Operations and Marketing at London’s leading accounting firm for tech startups as it grew from 5 to 25+ people in the 18 months I was there.

Firefighting on a daily basis while ensuring our team were safe, happy and productive at all times was an amazingly rewarding challenge.


I’ve sold and helped clients sell all types of things through digital marketing and events from Professional Services to eBooks

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mastering Rails, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3

I have always been particularly passionate about making Startups and web based projects. I learned to code with HTML and CSS around 2006. I went on to help build a mobile first, money transfer platform in 2008. I’ve also built countless WordPress sites while working as a Digital Marketing Consultant.

More recently I have stepped back form Marketing and, got back into staying up all night to find that missing semicolon. I have always been passionate about creating things and putting them online so, I’ve gone full circle.

Current Project

This project is a new take on a jobs board aimed at taking the pain out of companies in the process of hiring Junior Developers.

This project can have more text

Rails, JavaScript, HTML, CSS

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SuperClean – Playing with Grids


Project Management App

Bootstrap, CSS, HTML, Ruby On Rails

Social Finance Tracker

Bootstrap, CSS, HTML, Ruby On Rails

Photo Storage App

Bootstrap, CSS, HTML, Ruby On Rails

Alpha Blog

Bootstrap, CSS, HTML, Ruby On Rails


Bootstrap, CSS, HTML, Ruby On Rails



Redhill Card Services