A Warning

Being a hustler is not for everybody. It has some highs and incredible lows.

I once read a tweet or blog post where the writer said every entrprenue they have met has physcological issues. I have to say in my experience this is true. There seems to be something about the torture of running a business, the stress, the inability to accurately estimate risk and even worse – ignoring risk completely for the sake of their world view being correct – lying to themesleves or others.

To give you a few examples of just a few of the people I have met along the way who have stuck to running a business and met dark times…

Sleeping problems

Most of the people I have met who own or run businesses do not sleep well. In some cases it will come up as a passing comment or they will say something stupid like “I am a workaholic”, this is celebrating something that is known to be a form of torture and is linked to mental health issues like depression.

Sickness from stress

I know of one guy who was so sick with stress that his body started to break down and ended up suffering from Diarrhea. Which was a shock because he’s known for living a healthy lifestyle.

Incredibly bad decisions

I know another guy who I haven’t seen for years. In the process of making millions of pounds he broke the law and is now on the run from the FBI and others. I mean literally.

Are you stong enough to look a room full of employees in the eye, knowing you can’t pay them at the end of the month and their rent/ mortgages are at risk?

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