How to find your market on Instagram

Let’s say you know roughly who you are talking to or are looking around for groups of people who might be interested in your service, you can probably find people on Instagram. Instagram has x million users and is part of Facebook. It has the advantage that once you are confident your users are on there, that you can use Google Ads to get in front of them.

This is not going to make sense unless you have read about identifying demand.

The current niche that I am researching is… digital entrepreneurs who are not developers. I am trying to find groups of these people, so I can see what they are working on, what they comment and hopefully what their frustrations are. My aim is to build a SaaS platform for them that meets my project criteria(link).

So, how to find people who might fit the persona…

  • #tags
  • Influencer Accounts: Followers
  • Influencer Accounts: Comments

What I am looking for…

  • Any evidence of tools currently in use and being paid for
  • Any requests for help
  • Any posts offering help that get particularly high engagement

Where it will be…

  • Comments under “what are you struggling with…”
  • Links in the bio’s this tells me what they are promoting
  • Content posted

How to record it

Crack open a spreadsheet or Notion


There are obviously lots of other places to connect with people but IG is a great place to start

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