WL Questions

Andreas & Max,

In response to your questions, I am going to be totally honest: I don’t have the answer for you right now but, if you’d kindly give me a moment of your time, I will explain why and, how I would work it out.

I have created a video to give you my perspective and, even if you decide not to work with me, I think you will both find useful…

(Sincere apologies for the quality of the sound)

Here are a few bullet points… 🙂

Question 1: Channels & Metrics

Monitoring User Growth

  • AARRR Framework
  • Potential Goals: Signups & Repeat visitors, Contributions

Question 2: Acquisition

…obviously, you want an answer to “cheap ideas”… instinctively, here is what I currently think would be the most engaging yet cheap(ish) – not free

I would probably look to craft a message similar to:

We think ideas are important, but powerful when shared. Let’s share.

Strategy 1

  1. Identify topics that each persona is passionate about
  2. Produce a Facebook (& LinkedIn) Page
  3. Create short branded videos like WEF & link back to page for longer form content
    1. Look for content that resonates and replicate it
    2. Topics, stories, current events
    3. Cut up content and mix with stock footage
  4. Pay to boost visibility
    1. Retargeting people who visited the site
    2. Targeting similar audiences & interests
    3. Try to get influencers to promote once network is built up
  5. CTA for longer form content will be to discuss in comments
    1. You have to sign up to leave a comment
    2. Encourage
    3. Look for incentives for people to share the content
  6. Recycle content where people already are:
    1. Keyword Optimised YouTube videos
    2. Niche specific communities
    3. Keep posting to social media channels

Strategy 2

Reach out to Influencers & ask them to contribute thoughts/ content

  • Identify the key people on each topic that comes up as an interest for the personas
  • Send them the content personally
  • Ask for permission to share their already published ideas (to start conversation)
  • Escalate conversation later influencer and say “what are your thoughts on…” if you’d be interested in creating something for us, we’d promote it not just to our audience but on paid promo on social media”

I hope this answers your questions adequately. If you have any questions, please feel free to email/ text me.

I look forward to meeting you on Tuesday.

Have a great weekend,